Interpersonal Neurobiology and the Journey through Change: Joseph Campbell, the Hero's Journey, and Narrative Psychology

Presented and developed by Gregory Crosby, MA, LPC, CGP, FAGPA

The client's therapeutic process is a mythic journey-one full of struggles and challenges as they move through the change process.  This workshop integrates Joseph Campbell's mythic journey of the hero, William Bridges' stages of transitions, and Norcross, DiClemente, Prochaska's stages of change model with the latest findings of interpersonal neurobiology.

Join us to explore the universal journey of change that takes place in individual, group, and family therapy.  We also integrate storytelling and popular culture symbols as therapeutic metaphors to better understand how the brain works during the change process.

Workshop objectives:

  • Understand the psychological transitions in therapy through the IPND lens
  • Learn the mythological underpinning of the hero's journey, the stages of the journey and how it relates to the therapeutic process and IPNB perspective
  • Become familiar with therapeutic metaphors from mythology and popular culture to enhance change and understand how story telling impacts the brain

Continuing Education (CE) Information

6 CEs

Gregory Alan Crosby, MA, LPC, CGP, FAGPA

Greg Crosby has a M.A. in Sociology from Ball State University, Muncie IN and a B.A. in Sociology/Psychology from the University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN.

Mr. Crosby currently has a private practice where he sees groups and individual adults with Adult ADD and comorbid disorders.  He also is Associate Faculty (Adjunct) at Marylhurst University where he teaches courses both on the Graduate level and the Undergraduate level, and Adjunct Faculty at Portland State University.

In October of 2012, Greg retired from Kaiser Permanente in Portland, OR where he was the Clinical Group/Intern Program Coordinator/Clinician.  He had been there since 1987.  He has also been Adjunct Faculty at Lewis & Clark College and a Clinical Instructor at Oregon Health Sciences University, Department of Psychology.

Mr. Crosby has published numerous articles both nationally and internationally.  He has co-written a couple books and presented trainings nationally on a wide range of topics.

His new book co-authored with Tonya Lippert is titled: Transforming ADHD:  Attention and Action Regulation Skills to Focus and Succeed.

Greg Crosby is known for his entertaining presentations that blend integrating ideas from liberal arts and the sciences into his lectures and exercises.

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