Mindfulness: Turning Down the Noise

Presented and developed by Catherine Grytting, Ed.D

Writing for the Huffington Post, the investigative journalist, Peter Baksa, reminds us that the "brain is comprised of a tight network of nerve cells, all interacting with one another and generating an overall electrical field.  This electric field is detectable with standard medical equipment."*  The scientist Rollin McCrathy reports that the heart also generates a powerful electromagnetic field.**

This six-hour workshop introduces therapists to the concept that thoughts and emotions combine to generate electromagnetic fields that, in turn, influence our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and well-being.  It also explores ways that meditation diminishes the magnetism of these fields, contributes to the establishment of new electromagnetic patterns and reduces stress.  The training provides the opportunity to identify common electromagnetic patterns.  It explores the process of interrupting and replacing dysfunctional patterns.  It also guides participants through six meditation techniques that can be used to reduce stress and to retrain the mind to create and activate new, healthy and effective electromagnetic patterns.  Those who understand and apply mindfulness are well positioned to lower personal stress levels and to help clients enhance wellness and well-being.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the concept that thoughts and emotions generate electromagnetic fields that influence our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and well-being
  • Examine ways that meditation diminishes the magnetism of these fields
  • Identify common electromagnetic patterns
  • Explore the process of interrupting and replacing dysfunctional patterns
  • Create templates to generate new electromagnet fields
  • Experience six meditations

*Baksa, P. 2011. Can our Brain Waves Affect our Physical Reality?  Huffington Post.  November 26, 2011

**McCrathy, R.  2010.  The Energetic Heart is Unfolding.  Our Blog.  July 22, 2010  HeartMath Institute.


Continuing Education (CE) Information

6 CEs

Catherine Grytting, Ed.D

Dr. Catherine Grytting is a counselor, teacher, musician, artist, writer, Reiki Master and spiritual director who draws on creativity and weaves mind, body and spirit to assist individuals as they grow in authenticity and wholeness and deepen their relationship with Divine Source.  She began counseling in 2010 and has been providing energy healing and spiritual direction since 1997.  Catherine facilitates workshops and retreats on many topics, including creativity, spirituality, emotional intelligence, parent education, and the arts.  She also offers classes in energy healing and meditation.

Dr. Grytting has presented nationally, with Spiritual Directors International, regionally for the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International and the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools and, locally, for the Archdiocese of Seattle and the now defunct StillPoint Center for Spirituality.  Publications include peer-reviewed journal articles on topics such as education, energy healing and spirituality.  Her doctorate, from Seattle University, includes the study of spiritual healing and a certificate in transforming spirituality.  Visit her website at www.catherinegrytting.com to learn more about Catherine Grytting and the services she provides.

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