Focusing-Oriented Therapy: Learning how the body speaks, and listening so it heals

Presented and developed by Jeffrey Morrison, LMHC

Focusing is a process of inward bodily listening that allows for healing the most painful wounds and discovering our unique gifts. Focusing-Oriented Therapy is a body centered and relational process that helps therapists keep clients safe and regulated while unwinding chronically stuck and traumatic experiences. Learn how to help clients shift from distraction and disconnection to being connected and present.

In this two-day workshop, I will teach you the basic steps of Focusing so you can practice with a partner and bring Focusing into your healing practice. Focusing is a journey of self-discovery, amazing self-care and transformational healing. Linked to more than 50 research studies with successful outcomes in psychotherapy, Focusing has inspired much of the somatically oriented and mindfulness-based work being done today yet little understooduntil now.

Our body is inherently meaningful and implicitly wise. Understanding and working with a “felt sense” (how the body holds living experience about a situation) is the key to moving beyond the typical dead ends of talk therapy. Like mindfulness, Focusing helps us step back and observe our experience and then takes us further into a relational Presence with inner parts and with each other.

Day One Overview:

In addition to teaching and practicing skills, we will talk about such things as:

·       Self in Presence (dis-identification)

·       The research that lead to the discovery of Focusing

·       A felt sense: The essence of change

·       Neuroscience and Focusing: The two cerebral hemispheres

Day Two Overview:

Add Focusing sessions and skills to the process.

Discuss bringing Focusing into your life and work with others. We will begin to lay the groundwork for what Focusing-Oriented Therapy is and how you do it.

  • The Focusing attitude: The primacy of human presence
  • A philosophy of change: A different way of knowing
  • Bringing Focusing into your practice: Discovering the essence of change

Jeffrey Morrison, LMHC

My lifelong desire to understand myself and the world around me, led to a degree in philosophy and religion. Although I studied psychology as an undergraduate, it was my exposure to Focusing, and gaining a deeper understanding of myself, that urged me to concentrate on psychology in depth.

I earned a master’s degree in Existential Phenomenological Therapeutic Psychology at Seattle University in 1986. I then worked in agency and school settings with adolescents, parents, and teachers. I have postgraduate training in Family System Therapy, Adlerian Psychology, and Focusing Oriented Therapy.

In addition to practicing therapy, I also teach meditation. I study the crossings of Feldenkrais, Zen and Focusing with Russell Delman through The Embodied Life School. I am passionate about sharing the gifts of meditation and Focusing with others.

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